No.5 Valley Resort

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No.5 Valley

Below the wall, over the mountains, 

A mysterious land is nestled inside a beautiful valley.

Deep in the breathing forest,

the beauty of rural wilderness combines with luxurious resort design

Rooms are created in Tujia dwelling tradition and create a true feeling of home.  

44 different rooms are offered, each with unique designs,

all of them have splendid countryside views from large windows and boast a private housekeeper service.

Every staff member in our valley has genuine and beautiful smile,

please feel free to tell them your stories

Most of them are local Tujia(土家) people from nearby villages, 

their culture and traditions are important components of valley culture

Our food contains fresh, healthy and organic ingredients. Our rooms have signature mattress

We only provide our families the best

  • Danhuang su

    Afternoon tea

  • Afternoon tea

  • Green bean cake

    Afternoon tea

  • Rice Fields


  • Valley Lodge

  • Hunan Cuisine

    Organic, fresh and tasty

No. 5 Valley: Where white clouds rises



Yangjiajie, Zhonghu Town, Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Wulinyuan, Zhangjiajie, China, 427000


+ 86 15074489876 

+ 0744—8233662

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