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The Hanging Orchard

The Hanging Orchard is located part way up on the hillside, directly facing the valley. The architect used the empty space to build 9 unique lodges inside the fruitful plum wood. Living in the treehouse, you could see the amazing panoramic view of the valley. Each room has a skylight. You could have an afternoon tea in the living room or the balcony, feel the wind whuthering across the room with the amour of the plums. On sunny days, right before the night falls, gorgeous twilight decorates the whole orchard with gold and rose. On rainy days, the mountains seem to be suspending in the white fog and clouds. The Handing Orchard has a tremendous outside platform of over 150 Sq m, forest theme glass dining hall and public hall which could contain 30-40 people.  


                             Private home theatre                                                                        All natural bath products

                             Signature bedding                                                                            Daily House-keeping

                             High-Speed wireless internet                                                                     

The Valley Treehouse

Following the wooden trials, crossing the dense plum woods to discover the most hidden room in the valley---the treehouse. Tremendous window, skylight and hanging structure provide a stunning view. Treehouse B features the exotic Persian style and is decorated with bold use of bright colors. Treehouse A illustrates the buddhist philosophy of dhyāna. Dhyāna(禅意) is the state of "perfect equanimity and awareness". The seemly simplistic furnitures are designed elaborately to create a state of harmony. The spacious balcony offers a splendid view to the valley.

60 sqm                      one king bed

2280 RMB


This luxurious room features the typical dwellings of sages (君子) during Han and Tang dynasties. 

Surrounded by Bamboo forests, this antique house has a grand area of 100 Sq m. 

100 sqm                     one King bed

Orchard Suite

The most stunning view in the valley. 

Includes bedroom, living room, restroom, balcony with mountain view and outdoor tub.

100 sqm                  one King bed

3800 RMB


  Dhyāna(禅意) style, ZuoWang(坐忘) literally means "Contemplate and make peace with troubles from the past"

Phenomenal mountain view 

Outdoor tatami, luxurious tub on the balcony

80 Ms q                      one king bed


Zhuyin(竹隐) means "peace in the bamboo forest". Bamboo symbolizes the characters of sage in Chinese culture as integrity and virtue.

Zhuyin is mainly built with woods and creates agreeableness and harmony with the nature.

60 sqm                    1 King's bed


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