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        The founder of No.5 valley is Zimo Chen. After twenty years of successful business career in Beijing, he was tired of the serious air pollution and stressful lifestyle of city. He gave up million salaries, returned back to his hometown and took care of his aged mother. At that time, the small village had been nearly abandoned. The only residents were few elders and children. The desolate village is a hidden and fabulous utopia. His wife Liuyi as the internal designer and himself as the architect, they made the best of local natural resource and gradually built this large-scale result.

          Liuyi and Zimo visited many world-class resorts and guesthouses over the past years. Through constantly grope, they gradually formed their own style. Distinguished from popular minimalist and over-decorated, No.5 Valley’s style is natural countryside style “Fusion Rustic”. Our resort inherits the philosophy of Tujiazu people: living in peace with nature. The wooden road is put up very high, so flowers and weeds could flourish under it. Tree house is hidden inside the dense forest, indistinguishable from its surrounding. Moreover, the design style itself also is culture inheritance of Tujiazu. Yellow mud formed the rustic wall, old woods bring a feeling of vicissitudes. Deep red dowry box consist of the memory of childhood’s home.

           Nowadays our valley has more than 10000 Sq m construction area and over 1800 acres of rice fields and forest. Our resort also provide employments for over 30 local farmers. The deserted village and field cam back to life again. Sweet and clear spring water and forests are protected, egret reappear in the colorful fields. Workers thousands miles away, came home and became the valley’s master, together with valley to welcome people from all over the world.




  • JUNE, 2013

    The first building "The Old House" officially opened, welcoming our first guest.

  • JULY, 2015

     "The Lotus Pond" opened.

  • JAN, 2016

     "The Moonfield" opened.

  • MAY,2016

    " The Grandmother's House" opened.

  • JULY, 2017

    "The Hanging Orchard"opened.

  • 2017


  • 2017

    Top 10 tourism enterprise in Zhagnjiajie

  • 2017


    Certificate of Excellence

  • 2018

    Global top 10 “Must stay vacation rental”


Nature is the best school: Fantastic beasts in the valley


During the Duanwu festival(Dragon boat festival) , No.5 Valley organized nature activities designed for children, led by professor Guo guangpu from Tongji University. Starting from the top of the terrace, professor Flying Squirrel, captain Beetle and their teammates went on an adventure to explore the mysteries of the forest. Why are there suckers on tree frogs? Is spider’s thread sticky? They also observed nature during nighttime wearing headlights, wrote their first observation notes and made refreshing dessert using bajiao leaves(Bajiao toufu). During summer vacation, No.5 valley regularly organize nature activities. We observe creatures in the local biological system, help local farmers to pick fruits and plants, intrigue children’s curiosity and desire to learn and further raise their awareness to protect nature. 

This is an invitation to be a farmer for one year


We recruited 20 guests to become the owner of six mu(1 mu =670 ㎡) rice field for one year. As the owner of the rice field, they would receive the harvest of their field and participate in the Agrarian Culture Festival. They could participate in planting, growing, harvesting, and processing the rice. 

This unique kind of rice is called “Fish spring tribute rice”(鱼泉贡米). Spring flows from the top of the mountain to water the field. Ducks and fishes live in the field, the field provides them with shrimps and insects, and their excrement further provides nutrient to the crops. Legend has it that the king of the Tujia people sent this special rice to the emperor as tribute. 

2018 Global Top 10 "Must stay vacation Rental"


These ten hotels were selected by experts’ assessment and internet voting. The awards were given by distinguished figures during Global Cultural Tourism Summit Forum in Shanghai IBM international conference center. The owner of the resort, Liu Yi was invited to share her experience of successful management and brand building. 

Belt and Road--Fairview Xiaoxiang


The Publicity Department of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Provincial Tourism Commission jointly organized a large-scale interview. The theme was "Belt and Road—Fairview Xiaoxiang". 

It was a great honor for No.5 valley resort to have interviews with media reporters from eight different countries (Belt and Road initiative) on behalf of Wulingyuan District. We thanked the district government and the municipal publicity department for this great opportunity. 

The owner of the resort, Zimo Chen, delivered an enthusiastic and informative speech. He talked about the history of the resort, analyzed the business model, gave inspirations and insights of developing rural tourism and alleviating poverty. He talked about the future developing goal for the resort. No.5 valley should continue to  be a wonderful place for vacation, inherit the traditions of agrarian culture and grow with Zhangjiajie tourism together.

The delegation mainly composed of 20 foreign journalists from 14 mainstream medias including the Il Sole 24 Ore(Italy), the Star (Malaysia), Anantara (Indonesia), Thailand national news and the Nation(South Korea). The theme of the interview was ‘Fairview Xiaoxiang - this is Hunan’ . This interview showed the rich tourism resources of Hunan province and its beauty and unique culture to the world. 

"My New Bestie"


Chinese most popular internet enterprise Mango TV's new reality show---“My New Bestie” used No.5 Valley as the filming location for episode 3 and 4. Six kids and their celebrity grandpas travel and explore the world. These celebrities are Xie Xian, Zhang Shuangli, Yue yueli, and Yao Anlian. These adorable kids experienced the joy of dwelling in the beautiful nature for the first time. Catching loaches in rice fields, making Ciba(Black sesame rice cake, a traditional southern cake made with glutinous rice and sesame), digging sweet potatoes in the fields, they learned all about how crops grew and the way of life in the countryside. 







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