No.5 Valley Resort

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The Grandmother's House

The beautiful spring of 2016, hidden in the flourish forests and rice fields, The Grandmother's House officially opened. All seven rooms are authentic Tujia tribal congregations. Public areas include a grand outdoor terrace, is very suitable for meditation and yoga in a cool spring morning. The main dinning hall composes of red bricks, yellow mud and rustic woods. Deer antler-shape lamps, imaginative use of color, hand-made furnitures, every detail is cozy and lovely, just like the wooden houses in the fairy tales. 


                             TV                                                                                                     All natural bath products

                             Signature Bedding                                                                            Daily Housekeeping

                             High speed wireless internet                                                             Private housekeeper service

Rice Barn Villa

Copious balcony with a grand bath tub, overlook the gorgeous view of the valley while taking a bath. 

Area:80 M sq                                      One king bed

Valley LOFT

Copious space and mountain view  

Area: 60 M sq                   One king's bed

Valley family suite

Perfect choice for a family. Special design allow both the parents and the children to have their own independent space.

Area:100 M sq                                 One King's bed

Valley President's suite 

Independent living room and mini bar

Panoramic view and private balcony








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+ 0744—8233662

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